Atlas of Collective Consciousness

How are mythology, consciousness, and technology connected? This atlas of archetypes is informed by our fascination with collective human identity. It addresses the question of how consciousness came about as expressed through different narratives across time.

The story always begins with a catalyst, whether it is the apple of knowledge, the psilocybin mushroom, or a hole drilled in the head. It ends with the theory of the bicameral mind: rather than having the ability to recognize conscious thought as our own, the mind is split into the commanding and obeying voice. It continues with the future of human interaction in the form of augmented reality and artificial intelligence; technology marks the beginning of the next retelling of the story. What we need is a new myth. It is important to define the way in which these stories are connected. The origins of conscious thought are the origins of human history; whether it was caused by a catalyst or a revelation, the drive for innate understanding is the key to knowing our place and importance in the universe.